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13 hours ago

Do you know about your rabbit moulting and what to do to help them?Lets talk about moulting!

Rabbits will be shedding their winter coat and this can be a stressful time for them. The extra fur in their digestive system can make it sluggish and dehydrated. You may start to see poops that are joined together like a string of pearls, or they may get smaller and harder. You may see these symptoms for the partner rabbit as well as the one that is moulting due to mutal grooming.

There are 3 key parts to helping your rabbit get through their moult as quick and easy as possible.

1) HAY!
The more the better. This helps ensure the digestive system is working well and pushes the ingested hair through (think of it like a pipe cleaner). This helps the fur to pass into the rectum and on out as poops.

It is vital that they keep well hydrated. This reduces the risk of the fur drying out in the gut and causing a potential blockage (which is rare but can happen). Make sure they have 24/7 access to clean, fresh drinking water. Bowls are more natural and rabbits tend to drink more from them than from water bottles.

All rabbits need to be groomed once a week, however when they are moulting this needs to be increased (long haired breeds need to be groomed daily all year round). Increase this to once a day and this will really help remove the loose fur. The best brush for rabbits is the Cat Zoom Groom by Kong.
This is a latex rubber brush which does not tug at the hairs (like combs) and does not scratch or hurt the skin (like the Furminator or slicker brushes). Always follow the natural line of the hair as it will be uncomfortable for the rabbit if you go against the natural direction. It is unlikely that your rabbit will be happy to allow you to groom his / her tummy so in general, stick to the spine (from the back of the head to the tail) and the flanks (both sides of the body). The legs and feet do not need to be brushed.

As always, if you have any concerns about your rabbits health or would like to be shown how to groom them, contact your rabbit savvy vet.
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1 day ago

***Vetschoice new product***

You may have noticed our Vetschoice stand in Llanishen or products on the shelves in Pentwyn. These are everyday products a lot of clients ask for or need such as ear cleaners, shampoos and joint care.

Now we are stocking a product for those pets who get tear staining, to reduce and remove the brown/red marks around the eyes.

A 100ml bottle is £9.58 let us know what you think about it! #tearstaining
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3 days ago

Did you know today as Lost dog awareness day?

How to Celebrate Lost Dog Awareness Day

- Increase the chances of your pet coming home if the awful time comes and they go missing by booking them an appointment to get them microchipped.
- Make sure you have plenty of recent photos of your pet. Just to make sure you have a lot of recent pictures of them to help others identify them
- Make sure your dog wears a collar with your contact details on them
-Ensure if your pet already wears a collar and is microchipped that these details are up-to-date. We often get animals in that are chipped but the owners have changed numbers, moved house or never managed to register the chip and we cannot contact these people. This often means dogs have to be sent to the dog pound.
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3 days ago

Look how lovely Lacie looks post operative walkies! She’s still wearing a jumper to keep her snuggly and warm! ... See MoreSee Less

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