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Separate Dog and Cat Operating Facilities

On Site Modern Blood Analysers

Digital Ray Facilities for Immediate Results

Veterinary services we offer to keep your pet in the best-of-health and give you peace-of-mind

In order to offer your pet the best service possible, at St David Veterinary Centre we provide the following veterinary services:

  • Puppy and kitten health checks and vaccinations
  • Micro-chipping
  • Neutering of dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and smaller animals
  • Annual health checks and booster vaccinations
  • Worming and flea control
  • Dietary advice and weight monitoring
  • Dental treatment and advice
  • PETS passports
  • Home visit appointments
  • Digital x-ray facilities
  • Appointments in Welsh if requested

For further information on any veterinary services you may require that are not listed above please contact the clinic.

Please contact the centre for prices on all treatments.

As a surgery we are conscious that owning a pet, from a New Foundland to a domestic tabby cat, can be expensive. We have always looked to structure our prices to ensure we are not only very competitive, but also that veterinary care when necessary, is affordable.




1st consult charge £42.35
Rabbit consult charge £31.73
Cat spey £88.58
Cat castrate £67.81
Dog spey £221.44 – £318.32 (weight dependent)
Dog castrate £166.08 – 221.44 (weight dependent)


*All payments for consultations and any treatment received will be due at your visit. Estimates can be provided where necessary.

Having a new puppy or kitten can be both an exciting and nervous time. Whether it’s your first pet or you have long forgotten some of the do’s and don’ts- everyone could do with some help. We have created a starter pack for both puppies and kittens that will give you almost everything you need, including:

  • 1st and 2nd vaccinations
  • Flea and worm treatment
  • Free trial period of pet insurance
  • Microchip
  • Puppy pack
  • Kitten pack
At St-David’s we see lots of stray pets handed in, thankfully some of them are microchipped allowing us to reunite them with their owner quickly. We believe strongly in microchipping your pet for many reasons not least as it will be a legal requirement to do so, in dogs, in Wales from 2016. The microchip in cats, dogs and rabbits is implanted beneath the skin routinely between the shoulder blades. Whilst the process does involve a needle it is over quickly and safely, similarly to your pets yearly vaccination.

We at St David’s know that choosing the right pet can be hard enough, then getting the most suitable pet insurance is another dilemma. There are a number of available companies providing plans, some with a number of options. We are unable to provide you with advice on what policy is appropriate for you so please read all the small print carefully before making a decision

Sadly having to submit a claim on your policy means your pet is or has been unwell, a time which is never easy. At St David’s our aim is to make the process of submitting a claim as painless as possible.

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions with our answers. At any time during the process if you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Q: I need to make an insurance claim, what do I do first?

A : Check first with your insurance supplier that what you are claiming for is covered. There are certain conditions and procedures that are not covered e.g routine dental work, neutering, exclusions for pre-existing conditions etc. If your pet’s treatment is covered and the cost has exceeded the excess on the policy please request a claim form or start an online claim.


Q: I have submitted my claim to the surgery, how long does it take to be processed?

A: The number of insured pets and thus claims submitted is higher than ever, which is great. The claims, after we have received them, must be completed in detail by our trained staff. Due to the sheer volume of claims received it can take up to 3 weeks for each claim form to be submitted to the respective insurance company. We do not deliberately delay the processing of claims, they are dealt with in the order we receive them as a matter of importance.


Q: Do you charge for the time spent by vets, nurses and admin to process my insurance form?

A: Claims that are payable to you, we submit free of charge. Direct claims, which must be preauthorised by our management team and are only for balances over £350, are charged an admin fee of £30. This is related to the extra work and financial implications these create. Direct claims are agreed only when your excess and the admin fee are settled.

Any outstanding balance on your account with us that is not payable by your insurance supplier, is payable by you.



Q: My pet has an ongoing claim, what happens then?

A: For ongoing claims, we ask that you submit claim forms or online claims as frequently as possible.


Q: Despite submitting an insurance claim I have still received a statement from you, why is this?

A: We automatically generate statements/invoices every month so all clients receive one regardless of having pet insurance. It is worth noting that due to data protection issues insurance companies will not discuss cases with us directly over the phone. We may from time to time contact you to ask you to communicate with your insurance company, this is often when there is a delay in sending payments.


If you have any additional queries or want to further clarity please get in touch with us.

Going to the vets can be stressful for any pet not least the nervous cat. In recognition of how anxious cats can become in 2010 we opened our cat only ward at Pentwyn. Similarly in 2016 we will be opening a cat only ward in Llanishen. These wards provide a completely separate hospitalisation and operating unit to our dog wards, thus allowing our inpatients to recover peacefully in their own company. We also run cat only clinics during the week at Pentwyn where owners can book to come during appointed sessions when, pending any emergencies, only cats will be in our waiting room. Llanishen has cat and dog separate waiting areas in reception. Please give either surgery a ring for more information.

At St-David’s we hold a number of nurse clinics, many free, at convenient times for our clients. COVID Restrictions will delay the ability to book any of these clinics

New Pet Check: Any client, new or current, with a newly acquired healthy pet under 12months of age can make a 20min free appointment with a nurse. The nurse will examine ears, eyes, weight and skin and provide detailed advice on all aspects of pet health care, ensuring your pet lives a long and healthy life. Any problems identified can be referred to one of our vets for further examination and advice.

Post-Neutering 3 and 6 month checks: The 6 month period after neutering is key in your pet’s life. Unchecked diet and some behavioural problems can develop easily and quickly. Why not book in for one or both of these free 20min appointments and get some much needed guidance.

Weight and Nutrition Clinic: We, at St-David’s, are very fortunate in having all of our nurses confident in giving you the best advise on Weight and Nutrition. It may be you have concerns on what diet to feed your pet and how often, or even concerns with your pet’s weight. Why not book into one of these free 30min appointments with one of our Nurse’s, their results are rewarding for pets and owners.

Rehabilitation Clinic: Dealing with your pet after orthopaedic surgery can be difficult even addressing lameness in any age of pet can be challenging. Sharon Masling-Jones (veterinary nurse) has achieved a higher qualification in small animal rehabilitation and uses current knowledge and equipment to guide owners through difficult times with often rewarding results.

Canine Behaviour: Clare Hunt’s (veterinary Nurse) fascination with dog behaviour and recognised problems led her to achieving a higher qualification in this area. Difficult behavioural issues are a real challenge for owners and can be upsetting and distressing. You may be worried your pet is already suffering from a behavioural condition or want advice on how to prevent one developing. Make an appointment with Clare to discuss the options. In advance of any appointment clients will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire to ensure Clare will be as prepared as possible.

Senior Wellness and Geriatric Cat Clinic: Recognising and identifying conditions in older pets can be difficult. We, at St-David’s. are firm believers in preventative medicine and treatment where necessary. In light of our pro-active stance we recommend cats and dogs 8 yrs and over are subject to an examination and tests- even if they appear healthy. Being able to identify, for example, early kidney disease and making small adjustments can have a significant effect on an animal’s lifespan. Our Geriatric Clinic cats are asked to spend at least 30min at the surgery- at our quiet cat ward, during which they will have their blood pressure taken and a blood sample taken and sent away for analysis. All the results will  be reviewed by one our vets and discussed with the owner.

Diabetic Checks: Having your pet diagnosed with Diabetes can be upsetting and troubling. Of course you will get all the necessary advice and treatment supplied, but despite the daily change for some owners the adaptations become second nature. We recognise other owners need longer support and guidance. These clinics prove to be helpful for owners in the early stages of managing the disease for others the clinics are used to review treatment at longer intervals.

For more information on any of the above appointments and clinics please contact reception at either surgery.