Weight Management & Osteoarthritis Clinics

It is important that our pets are a healthy weight for them to lead a full and happy life, and we can advise on the best ways to achieve this.

We offer an in-house weight management clinic to help get your pet to their ideal body weight. Working with our nurses we can help alleviate and prevent your pets from problems such as chronic inflammation, skin disorders, orthopaedic disease, cancer, metabolic and endocrine disorders, respiratory conditions and kidney disease.

Book in with one of our Nurses for a full body condition assessment as well as extensive help and support.

Prices start at £52.01 for 4 sessions over 3 months.


Like humans, our pets do start to slow down as they get older and it is important that we help to manage this as best we can.

We are offering in-house osteoarthritis clinics to help those that require a little extra assistance when carrying out daily tasks. The clinics consist of a full musculoskeletal assessment, a full assessment of the home environment and your animal's lifestyle.

Your animal’s vet can refer you to our service. After a full assessment your veterinary nurse will give a suitable physiotherapy treatment and will advise on some remedial exercises that can be carried out at home to further support the rehabilitation.

Initial appointments start from £50 in our Llanishen branch (which includes a laser therapy session) and £40 Pentwyn (but doesn’t include a laser therapy session).

Follow ups are recommended and they are £20 thereafter.